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Fast-teks of Washington, DC offers affordable Memberships for both Residential and Business Customers to save you time and money!


This membership includes:

·         NO Annual Fee

·         20% Discount off the standard hourly service rate

·         Software and Hardware Discounts

·         V.I.P Priority Service

·         10% Off Preventative Maintenance Rates

·         And Exclusive Offers


*Ask your Technician how signing up for a Membership can save you money!


Windows 7 Upgrade


Are you still running Windows XP?  Service Pack 2 is no longer being updated and soon, Service Pack 3 will follow suite making XP more vulnerable to attacks.  Upgrading to Windows 7 will give you the latest protection and best of all, it's faster and easier to use!

When you are ready to make the move, let Fast-teks make it easy for you! 


Windows Tip

Tired of typing in the full web address?  Use this tip to cut down on key strokes:

If you want to visit Google, type in "google" (without the quotes) in your browser's address bar and then hold the <CTRL> key down and press <ENTER>.  Windows will automatically fill in the rest of the web address for you!

Need a strong password but trying to remember something like Ewvo$%s! is impossible?  Try using a phrase that is easy to remember and swap out letters for numbers and vice versa.  For example, use "FastTeks" as your password phrase, but use this instead: F@$tTek$.  Stay consistant with your characters and you'll never forget!


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Want to join a winning team of business owners? Inquire about our franchising opportunities, today.

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